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​​​​​​​​​​​NEVI Funding Opportunities

PennDOT's NEVI Round 1B Funding Opportunity began accepting online proposals on May 13, 2024 and closed on July 10, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT (excluding the Round 1B Addendum corridor-group described below). PennDOT received a total of 37 proposals and is currently evaluating them. PennDOT anticipates announcing conditional awards in August or September. 

The Round 1B Addendum for corridor-group 70B remains open and will close on August 2, 2024 at precisely 5:00 PM EDT. The proposal deadline for all other Round 1B corridor-groups was July 10, 2024 at 5:00PM EDT. See the Round 1B Addendum below for more information regarding corridor-group 70B. Please see below for important links and resources. ​

NEVI Round 1B Timeline

April 4, 2024Eligible Locations map released
April 22, 2024Funding Opportunity released
May 6, 2024
Deadline to submit technical questions
May 13, 2024eGrants system opens for online proposals
Late-April 2024 to Late-June 2024Submit utility form to electric utility 
​June 7, 2024
​Round 1B Addendum released
July 10, 2024, at 5:00 PM EDTDeadline to submit online proposals

​July 15, 2024
​eGrants system opens for online proposals for corridor-group 70B 
August 2, 2024, at 5:00 PM EDT
​Deadline to submit online proposals for corridor-group 70B​
July-August 2024

PennDOT proposal review

September 2024Conditional award notifications
September-November 2024PennDOT NEPA process
December 2024 – January 2025Agreement execution


​NEVI Round PennDOT’s Round 1A

NEVI Funding Opportunity opened for online proposals on December 11, 2023 and closed on January 26, 2024.  PennDOT announced the NEVI Round 1A conditional awards for 29 projects in 19 ​counties on April 4, 2024.

​October 3, 2023
​Draft Priority Locations map released
​October-November 2023
​Community outreach events (6)
​November 13, 2023
​Networking event
​November 13, 2023
​Funding Opportunity released
​November 13, 2023
​Priority Locations map finalized
​December 4, 2023
​Deadline to submit technical questions
​December 11, 2023
​eGrants system opens for online proposals
​Mid-November 2023 to Mid-January 2024
​Submit utility form to electric utility 
​January 16, 2024
​Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Update will be provided
​January 26, 2024, at 5:00 PM EST
​Deadline to submit online proposals
​February-March,​ 2024
​PennDOT proposal review
​April 4, 2024
​Conditional award notifications
​April - June, 2024
​PennDOT NEPA process
July - August, 2024
​Agreement execution; notice to proceed

NEVI Round 1 

PennDOT released the NEVI Round 1 funding opportunity on January 6, 2023 (updated March 13, 2023) and closed the program on May 5, 2023.

PennDOT has since announced NEVI Round 1 conditional awards for 52 projects in 34 counties to expand access to and reliability of electric vehicle charging in Pennsylvania. ​

NEVI Round 1 NEVI Program Timeline

January 6, 2023  
Round 1 NEVI Funding Opportunity program document released  
March 13, 2023  Round 1 Funding Opportunity program document updated 
May 5, 2023  Round 1 submission period ended  
August 14, 2023  Round 1 conditional award approval and denial notifications  
September – December 2023  Round 1 projects NEPA review; contract agreement execution; Notice to Proceed  
​November 9, 2023
​PennDOT announced first NEVI site in Pennsylvania is under construction 

​January 23, 2024
​​​PennDOT announced first NEVI site in Pennsylvania is operational

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