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​Apply for NEVI Funds

PennDOT’s Round 1 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Grants Program is now available. The purpose of the notice is to solicit applications for PennDOT NEVI grants. Funds for the federal fiscal years (FFY) 2022 and 2023 PA NEVI grant program are to be awarded on a competitive basis to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) sites across Pennsylvania. PennDOT will begin accepting applications for Round 1 of the NEVI Grant Program on Monday, March 27, 2023. The application deadline will be 5:00 PM EDT on May 5, 2023.

All application materials and attachments are to be submitted electronically via PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) eGrants Public Portal Interface, an online submission system used by PennDOT, by an eligible applicant (see Section II.A). The electronic application form through eGrants will be available at: The application can be saved at any time and accessed later.  Applicants must submit a separate application for each candidate site. There is no limit on the number of applications an applicant may submit. An applicant can submit only one application per physical address.

Program Requirements

Applicants must follow all FHWA NEVI Formula Program requirements. This includes requirements in the following documents:

Any requirements specific to this NOFO are to be considered in addition to the FHWA requirements and must be adhered to by all Applicants. A full list of requirements must be agreed to when applying in the eGrants Public Portal Interface, included in Appendix III – Application Questionnaire of the NOFO. 

Total Funding Available 

For the Round 1 funding, PennDOT has advanced appropriations of $25.4 million for FFY 2022 and $36.5 million for FFY 2023 for a total of $61.9 million through the PennDOT NEVI formula program. It should be noted that this is the total NEVI funding available through this grant opportunity. Some of this amount may be used for labor and workforce training, planning, outreach, and administration as allowed by NEVI guidelines. Approximately $56 million is anticipated to be available for Applicants. PennDOT is not obligated to award all these funds to Round 1 projects. 

The PA NEVI grant program is a reimbursement grant program and applicants are required to provide a minimum 20% match of the eligible costs from non-federal sources.  

Please refer to the full NOFO; however, below are some key components of the PennDOT NEVI Grant Program NOFO highlighted: 

Eligible Entities

In general, most entities are eligible to receive NEVI funds. Non-government applicants must be registered with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and be in good standing. The applicant’s project team must include an experienced charging network provider. 

Eligible Projects

NEVI Formula Program funds are restricted to projects that are directly related to EV charging infrastructure that is open to the public or to authorized commercial motor vehicle operators from more than one company. Initially, funding under this program is directed to designated AFCs for electric vehicles to build out the national network, particularly along the Interstate Highway System. Refer to the online map, Pennsylvania NEVI - Anticipated Funding Round 1 - Interchange Information, for eligible interchanges and eligible project locations. 

Eligible & Ineligible Costs

Applicants may apply for up to 80 percent federal cost share of the eligible costs, with a minimum required match of 20 percent from non-federal sources. Eligible costs to be included in the cost share and match are defined in this section of the NOFO. The eligible and ineligible costs listed in this section are preliminary. Final eligible and ineligible costs may change to conform to Federal regulations and FHWA directives. 

Selection Process & Criteria

PennDOT will review and rank each submitted applications with respect to applicable criteria for program funding, current priorities, and other factors. The anticipated timeline for the Round 1 PA NEVI Formula Program grant selection process will be as follows: 



January 6, 2023 

Notice of Funding Opportunity released 

March 13, 2023 

Revised Notice of Funding Opportunity released 

January-Mid March 2023 

Submit utility form to utility provider so the utility can complete and return the form to the Site Applicant in time for the Application period end date 

March 24, 2023 

Any technical questions regarding the NOFO must be submitted to Frequently asked questions and answers will be posted publicly online to the PennDOT NEVI site. 

March 27, 2023 

Application submission period begins (ability to enter in the eGrants Public Portal Interface) 

May 5, 2023 

PA NEVI grant program Application submission period ends at 5 PM EDT 

May June 2023 

PennDOT Application review 

July 2023 

Preliminary award approval and denial notifications 

July September 2023 

PennDOT NEPA Process 

September 2023 

Final award approval and denial notifications 

October November 2023 

Grant Agreement execution; Notice to Proceed 

Each charging site application will be evaluated to determine its ability to meet or exceed the project scoring elements. The application will be scored as described in the following table.
Scoring Category  Points 
1. Qualifications and Project Approach 12 
2. Candidate Site Information 40 
3. Site Readiness 
4. Future Proofing 
5. Sustainability, Equity, Resilience, and Economic Development 12 
6. Safety and Training 
7. Project Costs 20 
Total  100 
A breakdown of each scoring category is provided in Appendix III and the scoring rubric is provided in Appendix IV of the NOFO. 

Refer to Section V – Application Evaluation in the NOFO for more information on the selection process and criteria. 

Terms and Conditions

PennDOT intents to follow minimum standards and requirements set forth by USDOT’s FHWA NEVI Program guidelines and frequently asked questionsA Sample Agreement with terms and conditions has been included in Appendix IX of the NOFO.

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