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​How to Get Ready

Below are a few steps we recommend to prepare for PennDOT’s NEVI Grant Program. 

Register for Keystone login: Applicants will need a keystone login to apply for the grant program. Register for a keystone login here: 

Get familiar with NEVI program: USDOT and PennDOT have resources related to NEVI program. Review and familiarize yourself with the NEVI program.  The Learn About NEVI webpage can help. 

Watch the recorded webinar: To learn more about the NEVI grant program. PennDOT hosted a Q&A session after the webinar. A recording of the webinar is below with the PDF of the slide presentation deck.

Put a team together: Consider developing your team for your NEVI grant application. Think about partners for owning the site, design, installation, operation & maintenance, vendors,  and others. 

Select site and assess site readiness: Review the interactive map to identify the priority interchange groups for installation of an EV station and begin preliminary site readiness assessment based on the selection criteria.  

Coordinate with Utilities: Utilize the Utility Form in Appendix VIII of the NOFO to coordinate with the utilities in your site location service area to understand the potential installation and service costs associated with possible sites.