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‚ÄčAbout PA's NEVI Plan

The Pennsylvania NEVI State Plan is an evolving document updated annually. The initial plan supports the allocation of federal funds for federal fiscal years 2022 and 2023. The FFY 2024 Pennsylvania NEVI Plan Update was submitted to the Federal Highway Administration on August 1, 2023, for approval and will support the allocation of federal funds for federal fiscal year 2024.

PennDOT's NEVI Plan Priorities include:

  • Build out of the current and future AFC network
  • Ensure charging capacity and redundancy on the AFC network
  • Expand charging to other non-interstate routes that may or may not be designated as AFCs and that may serve disadvantaged communities or as emergency routes
  • Provide mobile charging or towing services to support emergency response to motorists
  • Provide charging at key public destinations including those that can be accessed by underserved or disadvantaged populations
  • Provide charging at mobility hubs, which are typically located around transit stations and key neighborhood locations. Mobility hubs offer a density of travel options combined with public, commercial, or residential amenities.
  • Provide charging infrastructure to support heavy and medium-duty freight movement including regional travel, rural deliveries or emergency travel.

These priorities and the NEVI state plan were informed in part by PennDOT's EV Equity Guiding Principles and EV Mobility Plan.

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