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​Cement Slurry for FDR


Supplying Cement Slurry for Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) in Ready Mixed Concrete Trucks allows for cement slurry to be applied in liquid form to the road base to provide stability. The addition of cement slurry into the existing FDR specification is designed to improve and expand the use of FDR.

How Does It Work?

FDR recycles old, deteriorated pavement into "new" pavement which helps to recoup initial investments into paving projects. Long-term improvements to stabilize the roadway base and the new wearing surface can be made quickly using FDR. FDR has been used successfully on projects ranging from parking lots and local roads to major streets and highways.

Cement slurry is a mix of cement and water that is applied in a liquid state, instead of dry cement, to the roadway base during FDR projects. The cement slurry is supplied through a network of PennDOT-approved concrete plants and delivered in ready-mixed concrete trucks. The cement slurry technique works well on rural roads with thinner pavements and urban areas where buildings are in close proximity to the road.

Four steps of Cement Slurry

What Are The Benefits?

This technique is a cost-effective, long-term improvement for Pennsylvania's roadways. It requires less equipment, expedites the FDR process, and provides environmental benefits by producing less dust than dry cement application, especially in windy conditions. Another benefit is an increase in structural capacity by providing a stronger, more consistent roadway base.

Innovation In Motion


To put this innovation into practice, revisions to include the specification were published in several PennDOT publications including Section 344 of PennDOT Publication 408, Section MS-0370-0035 of PennDOT Publication 447 and Appendix J of PennDOT Publication of 242.

More Information

For more information about this innovation, contact the STIC Management Team.