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STIC Innovations


Every year, the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) develops four to eight innovations and promotes new Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Every Day Counts (EDC) innovations for use in Pennsylvania. Below are examples of innovations that are currently in development or have been deployed in Pennsylvania.

Innovations in Development

Innovations in development are currently moving through the STIC Innovation Development Process . During the process, the TAG Leader assigns an Innovation Owner and a Development Team.  The Development Team is responsible for evaluating the potential benefits and challenges of the innovation, available resources for deployment, expected results, and other criteria for acceptance.

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Deployed Innovations

After the innovation is moved to the Advancement Phase of the Innovation Development Process, a project lead is assigned to guide the innovation through deployment.

FHWA Every Day Counts (EDC)

EDC is a state-based model that identifies and rapidly deploys proven, yet underutilized innovations in a two-year cycle to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce traffic congestion, and integrate automation. 

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