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​Stormwater Management Training and Field Guidebook



Reducing pollutants carried through storm sewer systems directly affects Pennsylvania's waterways and quality of life for its residents. Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) are incorporated into transportation projects to manage these pollutants and keep water clean and safe. SCMs, such as retention ponds, sand filters, pervious pavement and constructed wetlands, need to be regularly and adequately maintained over the long term. Each requires different types and levels of maintenance after initial construction, which led the STIC’s Maintenance TAG to develop the Stormwater Management Training and Field Guidebook. 

How Does It Work? 

The Stormwater Management Training and Field Guidebook will help maintenance crews at PennDOT, other state agencies, and local governments care for stormwater facilities. The training component will provide maintenance employees with the necessary education and tools for the correct installation and maintenance of SCMs. It will review the different types of SCMs, the characteristics of each, and their related maintenance needs.  

The training will include eight lessons: 

  • Program Overview 
  • How to Identify SCMs 
  • Vegetation Identification 
  • Maintenance Equipment 
  • Routine Maintenance 
  • Corrective Maintenance 
  • Assemblies and Responsibility Rules (PennDOT specific) 
  • Maintenance Review of Design Plans (PennDOT specific) 

The field guidebook will provide an easy, quick reference for staff while performing stormwater-related maintenance in the field and includes visual examples and checklists. It will help to educate staff on the program and provide training for staff to perform their specific duties. 

PennDOT is working with local governments to achieve shared goals for managing stormwater and meeting regulatory requirements. PennDOT will be sharing the training and guidebook with local municipalities and other organizations in the industry for their use and reference.  

What Are The Benefits? 

SCMs help prevent flooding, reduce downstream erosion, and reduce pollution to surface and ground water. Regular maintenance preserves functionality and extends the service life. The Stormwater Management Training and Field Guidebook will provide education and preparation to staff on the specific maintenance duties needed for individual stormwater facilities to ensure compliance with federal and state environmental permitting requirements. 

More Information

For more information about this innovation, contact the STIC Management Team.